How can I display any number with a power in Flutter?



Here is my situation (simplified) :

I have two inputs:

  • a number (a)
  • another number (b)

How can I display nicely a^b (a to the power of b) in the frontend with Flutter ?


You can make use of offset property in WidgetSpan. I have used the below code to show flight cross overs. The Offset dx and dy values helps you to set superscript or subscript as per your need.

  text: TextSpan(children: [
        text: '9:30 - 2:30',
        style: TextStyle(color:,
      child: Transform.translate(
        offset: const Offset(2, -4),
        child: Text(
          //superscript is usually smaller in size
          textScaleFactor: 0.7,
          style: TextStyle(color:,

Answered By – Shahryar Rafique

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