‘Unfortunately, app has stopped’ Best 5 Ways to Fix Error on Android


Do you get the following message every time you crash an application? Google, Unfortunately, app has stopped, however, Facebook, Unfortunately, app has stopped, or in the unlikely event that WhatsApp ceases to function? It doesn’t matter what app it is. Any application can be affected by this issue and send an identical message. Here’s how you can resolve it. The issue. The application has not been able to correct the error.

Google is Unfortunately, app has stopped,

As of the month, June 20, 2021, Android smartphones all over the world are plagued by a bug that is affecting users of the Google application. Smartphones display a constant “Google has stopped” error message, rendering them virtually inaccessible. Here’s how a handful of users were able to resolve the problem.

Stop making use of this app. Google Play Updates app

Go to Settings on your smartphone and search for apps

Find Google Play and enter the Google Play services and type into the search box.

Uninstall the Google Updates

Go back to Apps overview by selecting Settings. Overview and overview of Apps overview, by clicking on the Settings

Find the Google App. Click on Google App to start it up and then select from the options

Find an Updates you wish to remove Click it, then click it.

If the above steps do not work, the following step of this guide may help you. We’d appreciate it if you could share your comments if you can resolve the “Google has stopped”-issue after you’ve completed these steps, or if you found a different solution.

Clear the application’s memory

The problem is typically caused by launcher, gallery, and contacts applications. The solution is generally similar.

To begin, navigate through Settings. Settings Your device.

Application and Notifications app information

Go down the page until you can find the application that’s causing issues, you can tap on it.

On the next menu, select the Storage button.

This is where you can find the Clear Data together with Clear options for the cache.

Cleaning caches is the way to go, to begin with. It removes the stored data which allows apps to run faster the moment you open them. Clearing it will mean that the application will run slightly slower, but the root issue can be fixed.

The deletion of data clears all information associated with the application which includes settings, data, and accounts. So, don’t do it unless you’re required to.

Check for the SD card.

Thank you for Paul in our comments section. He mentioned the possibility that this error could be caused by the memory card being damaged. If the memory card is damaged, and programs that store data on it could have this issue.

To verify this, unplug the memory card, and then start the program that hasn’t was working. If it’s running then you’ve identified the issue. If this shows that this is the case, you’ll have to get the memory card replaced however, you’ll be able to copy data on the memory card to your computer to create backups.

Naturally, should you don’t have an SD card, proceed to the next step.

Install and remove the application

If the app doesn’t work, it’s possible to remove it before installing it from the Google Play Store. Simply open the Play Store app, open the menu bar found on the left of the screen, then click My apps and games. Choose the app you wish to remove and then tap uninstall. It takes about one time. Then, you can install it once more.

Turn off the switch and then switch it back on.

You can also try an unintentional reset that is just a means to restart your phone. It’s simple and efficient if your phone was turned off for a prolonged duration of time. Soft resets can be used to help your phone to run by cycling it, then turning it off, and then on.

It is recommended to turn off your mobile phone each couple of days for a few minutes. This will help with any phone struggling that has issues of a variety regardless of whether they’re associated with audio applications or network or email.

How to uninstall the Google System WebView update

In March 2021, Android users from all over the globe were faced with an issue that led to a variety of applications ceasing functioning. This issue was particularly impacting those who had Samsung smartphones. While Google is working to find an answer to this issue the one that seems to apply to everyone in the globe is to eliminate an older Android System Web View update. Let’s look at how to complete this task in just several steps. Be aware that the steps you follow may vary based on the specific user interface your device is running. The steps below are for users running the default version of Android. For Samsung users, click here.

Select the ‘Settings’ menu

Scroll down to the section Apps and Notifications. Click to open

Select the ‘See all applications’ button, and you’ll be presented with an inventory of all applications you’ve installed on your phone.

Scroll to the bottom of ‘Android System Web view, after that, tap the screen to launch

On the right edge of the screen, tap the three dots, then select ‘Uninstall Updates’.

There will be an open window. Select OK.

How do I get rid of Android System Webview updates on Samsung smartphones?

For Samsung smartphones, you’re capable of following the exact procedure as per the steps listed below.

Go to ‘Settings’

Scroll to ‘Apps’

In the app listing, look in the app list for Web and you’ll be able to see an application called the Android System Webview application. Open it

In the upper right-hand corner, select the option to remove updates.

Last resort: do a factory reset

If none of the above solutions work then you can try a factory reset for your phone. If you’re performing the reset factory, be sure you’ve backup all of your data before. Make sure you back up all your information before performing. A factory reset will wipe your device and resets the initial settings back to the factory setting settings and will take all of your data, including bugs, with it. It’s possible to restore apps and data in the future, in the event you’ve made backups.

For more details on the procedure of factory resets for your phone, look up this article: How do you reset your mobile to factory settings Android article.

If Google Play itself not working The solution may be more complicated, so look at clearing the cache as the first step. If this fails to resolve the issue, clean your files and then deinstall any Play Store updates. Similar steps apply with Google Play Services, but it is recommended to try all in one go because you don’t want to go through all preferences on your Play Store preferences for no reason. Look over the complete tutorial on what you can do if the Google Play Store isn’t working to get help.

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