Firebase dynamic link support custom parameters?



I am writing a App for a Open Source Conference.

Originally each attendees will receive different link via email or SMS like

then use this link to open app, we can know the user is which attendee by the token.

Firebase release a new feature Dynamic Links in I/O 2016, it provide better experience for users.

I had try that, but I can’t find any way to pass the custom parameters (the token) in dynamic links, how to use the same link with different parameters to my users?



I don’t think you can use the short url:
https://<my app>
unless you create one for each user, but you can use the long url:
https://<my app> ...(add other parameters as needed)
and set new token for each user.

I assume you generate the tokens automatically. In that case you can use this to shorten the links.

Answered By – diidu

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