Django – i always get my profile when i what to view another users profile



Whenever i tried to view other people profile, it always return my own profile again, i don’t really know what’s wrong and i have tried calling request.user but it seems not to work

def UserProfile(request, username):
    user = get_object_or_404(User, username=username)
    profile = Profile.objects.get(user=user)
    url_name = resolve(request.path).url_name
    context = {

    return render(request, 'userauths/profile.html', context) main project

from userauths.views import UserProfile

urlpatterns = [
    path('users/', include('userauths.urls')),
    path('<username>/', UserProfile, name='profile'),



{% for creator in creators %}
     <a href="{% url 'profile' creator.user %}"><img class="avatar-img rounded-circle" src="{{creator.user.profile.image.url}}" alt="creators image" ></a></div>
     <h5 class="card-title"><a href="{% url 'profile' creator.user %}"> 
      {{creator.user.profile.first_name}} {{creator.user.profile.last_name}} {% if creator.verified %} <i class="bi bi-patch-check-fill text-info smsall" ></i> {% else %}{% endif %} </a></h5>
     <p class="mb-2">{{}}</p></div>
{% endfor %}


I just fixed it now, in my profile.html, i am using {{request.user.profile.first_name}} to display the informations. I was supposed to use {{profile.first_name}} etc, and that was it

Thanks to everyone who helped

Answered By – Destiny Franks

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