discord.py how to run command only if some reaction added



I’m trying to make like a shop command, It’s looks like this:
So i need to make like:
If ctx.author clicked on :island: reaction, buy the island.


You can use wait_for function:

async def shop(ctx):
    message = await ctx.send("Test shop message")  # send a message
    emojis = ("🏝️", "2️⃣", "3️⃣")
    for emoji in emojis:  # add reactions with all emojis
        await message.add_reaction(emoji)
    check = lambda payload: payload.message_id == message.id and payload.channel_id == ctx.channel.id and str(payload.emoji) in emojis
    payload = await bot.wait_for('raw_reaction_add', check=check, timeout=100)  # wait for user choose one of available items
    if str(payload.emoji) == "🏝️":
        pass  # buy the island
    elif str(payload.emoji) == "2️⃣":
        pass  # buy the chest level 2
    elif str(payload.emoji) == "3️⃣":
        pass  # buy the chest level 3

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