5 simple ways to fix “Connection Problem” or An “Invalid MMI code” error USSD Codes

connection problem

If you’re an Android smartphone user, a lot of times, you’ve encountered an error message such as ‘Connection Problem’ or MMI code not valid in the process of securing a USSD code.It’s a major issue that impacts the phones and results in the imposing of some limitations when sending texts and receiving calls, checking balance as well as recharging mobile phone numbers and more.

What are the reasons for the “Connection problem” or ‘Invalid MMI Code’ issue.

While the problem is typically observed in two SIM smartphones, the error could also occur on only one SIM phone. The reason for this is usually due to problems with the carrier or as a result of SIM authentication issues.To resolve this issue, here are five simple but effective ways to solve the ‘Connection Problem ‘ or ‘Invalid MMI Code’ issue.

Method 1. Select the Safe Mode mode. It temporarily blocks the pre-installed apps and services included on the device. It assists in identifying the app responsible for the problem that could be interfering with the functioning of the network on the phone. For entering Safe Mode, turn off the phone, and then hold the power button. While pressing the power key, you will be tapping your menu button until you can see the Safe Mode option on the left-hand side of the display.

Method 2. Modify the prefix Code Another method to resolve your connection issue is very easy. Simply add the comma (,) at the end of the prefix code (*135#). This will force the operation to search for errors. You can also add plus (plus) after your prefix code. It functions similarly to the one-way comma.

Method 3. Engage Radio to turn off IMS over SMS This is another method to fix connection issues. This method is to enter the information mode, and then turn on the radio to enable IMS via SMS. The steps below must be completed to dial *#*#4636 #*#* to dial the dialer, navigate to Phone Information, then click on the ‘Run Ping Test’ button. Once the test has been completed, click on “Turn Off Radio” then press “Turn to IMS over SMS”. Then, reboot the phone. This will resolve your problem.

Method 4. Restart your phone several times, switch on your phone and go to the network settings. Hold the power button and home buttons in a row until your phone switches off. After that, turn it back on.

Method 5. Select Network Operator Manually Navigate to Settings>Network Connection>Mobile Networks>Network Operators. There will be a list of available networks in the list. Then, select your service provider, and repeat the process 4 times until the service begins functioning again

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4 best methods to Fix No Command Android Phone/Tablet

What Does “No Command” Mean on Your Tablet?

In general “No Command” indicates that you can’t access control to use the features of your Android system, such as recovery mode or software update.What is the meaning that your Android tablet or phone is saying”No Command”? That is a sign that the handset was waiting to receive the instruction for it to be in recovery mode but then failed.

Some customers recently have encountered Android Recovery Mode with no arrangement in entering lifting anger in conformity with restoring Android telephones caught into the hoof loop. If thou advise this carelessness atop the screen discover the strategies beneath in conformity with come around the no alternative over Android quickly.

Top 4 Quick Methods to ordain No Command Android [Users Verified]

Method 1. Remove the Battery after Fix Android Says No Command

The first step is to unplug the battery in case your phone comes with a removable battery. This is the simplest method to fix any issues or problems on Android tablets and phones when android says no command.

Method 2. Android No Command Fix via Force Restart

If the battery you have is not removable If it is not removable, you can force you to restart the Android phone to correct an error message on your android mobile.

Force Restart Samsung phones: Press and hold the power button as well as the volume down button for about 10-20 minutes.
hard reboot Samsung to correct android’s no command

Force Restart LG phones: Use the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously and release them as soon as it appears that the LG logo appears. It will then hard restart the device.

A hard reboot of LG to repair android with no command

Forcibly Restart Sony phones The easiest way to do this is to press the Power button, then hold the Volume Up button several times. Your system pleasure lies pressured following a reboot.

Force restart Google Nexus: Press the Power and Volume Down keys together, and you will force reboot your device.

Force Restart HTC phones: Press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons to force restart your device.

Force Restart Huawei phones: Press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously and it will force restart your phone.

The process of force restarting could differ slightly between various mobile manufacturers. For more specific guidelines go to the official site.

Method 3. fix up Android No Command Screen by Key Combinations

If your Android pill indicates an android system quote without charge news now installing apps or upgrading software program then resetting You be able to try to restoration that yourself. Make absolute following discriminate entire related gadgets out of the tablet or ensure so such is running at minimum 80% usage regarding its battery.

Press the “Power” key to go back to the home screen.

Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to scroll through options. Depending on your needs, select “wipe data/factory reset” followed by “wipe cache partition.”

Data wipe to repair android, no command

Then, tap three horizontal lines to the left, until it is working.

Once the process is complete then you can restart your phone by choosing “Reboot system now” and the Android no command message will be gone.

Also, look up the fixes to the manual for various Android brands:

For Samsung Galaxy:

Switch off the device, then hit the Power Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously until you can see the Samsung logo. Then, you’ll be able to choose the option for recovery mode to begin.

For LG:

Turn off the device and hold and press the Volume and Power buttons at the same time. If such seems to be that amount the LG emblem appears Release the keys or then grip the buttons until the “hard reset” menu indicates up. Utilize your volume buttons to verify that you have made a reset.

For Google Nexus:

Switch off your phone by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons. Hold the button for Volume Down three times to bring up “Recovery” and hold the power button until you confirm. If the Google logo is displayed, pressing your Power button and the Volume up key for three minutes. Release the Volume Up button, but press the Power button. After that, you’ll be able to select the recovery mode option.

Method 4. The Best Solution to Fix the Recovery Mode No Command on ReiBoot for Android

As we’ve already mentioned that recovery mode can be used to resolve any issues. However, it is not uncommon for android to have a recovery mode that doesn’t work by hand which is why we advise you to explore Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android, it can resolve stuck boot loops on Android, clear cache, wipe black screen/blinking cache issues with a few clicks.

Download and install ReiBoot Android on your PC. Then connect your Android device to the computer via USB cable.

Start ReiBoot on Android and select ‘Repair Android System’.

elect repair Android system on Reiboot to fix Nexus 5x recovery mode with no option

On the next screen, you need to click the “Repair Now.

Repair now by clicking on reboot how do I fix the recovery mode with no command

Input the information for your device as an on-screen display. It is essential to enter all the details correctly otherwise, the device will be damaged. After coming into a whole the information,

Choose the right device in reboot to fix Android tablet that does not respond to the command

The program will download the correct firmware package. You must wait for just a few minutes until the download is completed.

Download firmware to reboot to correct no command s8

After the firmware has been downloaded, it will appear on your screen. select “Repair Now.

Fix no instruct s8 – Reiboot for Android

A pop-up window will be displayed that requires you to click the ‘Continue the game.

Reiboot for Android for fixing galaxy s8 that doesn’t have a command

Follow the instructions on the screen and take the necessary action as instructed.

Follow the steps to entering download mode with the tenorshare reboot app for Android. Follow the instructions to enter download mode by using tenor shares the reboot app for android.The repair process takes several hours to complete. When it is completed, you will receive a message saying ‘The repair is complete‘.


This article has demonstrated how to fix the no command S8 on Android smartphones (including Samsung Galaxy/Note, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Google Pixel, LG, Motorola, Nokia, etc. ) Particularly, you should use the application Tenorshare ReiBoot to Android that has the technical capability to repair Galaxy S6 no command. If you have additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to scroll through options. Choose to wipe data/factory reset or wipe cache partition according to your requirements.

Unable to Download Apps on Your Smart Phone? 6 Ways to Fix It.

The inability of downloading applications via the Google Play Store is a common problem for The most intelligent users. While it usually displays errors, certain issues are difficult to resolve. If you’re unable to Download Apps to your Smartphone? We can assist you. Are a few options that could be a solution for this. Read on.With these steps you may could avoid this unable to “download Apps”situation.

1.Verify your connection and  check the storage space and then it may be the matter of being  unable to download apps.

The first thing you need to check is whether you’ve got a reliable Internet connection, as well as an adequate amount of space for storage. If your connection is Wifi you should consider switching to data on mobile before beginning the download. Additionally, you must turn off your VPN since this could be the culprit that’s causing the issue.

2. Force Stop, Clear Cache, and Information

Give the Play Store an overhaul will resolve a range of common problems, including issues when downloading apps. Similar things can be accomplished:

Begin by opening Settings, choose Apps and Notifications, then Explore every app, then navigate to the App Information page of Google Play Store. Google Play Store. App Information page.

Click the button to make Stop and check if the issue is solved.

If not then make sure you click Clear Cache and Clear Data and then open your Play Store and try the download again.

Google Play Store Google Play Store also relies on other processes supported through Google Play Services and Download Manager. If you’re experiencing issues with the Play Store notwithstanding cleaning its information, you’re advised to clear the cache and files to Google Playsets, Google Services Framework, and Download Manager in the same way. Make sure that your account is on the right track and that the Download Manager is “enabled”, and you’re not accidentally disabling it during the process of removing the unnecessary bloatware.

3. Uninstall the Play Store and Reinstall the Play Store updates

If you’re still unable to download applications after clearing caches and other information from your Play Store and Services, it’s recommended to remove this Play Store update, and then update it again. To do this, start the settings, and then navigate to the All apps section. This is in the Notifications and Apps menu. From the list, select Google Play Store Click on the three dots located in the upper right-hand corner and then click on to uninstall updates. Select Yes when you are asked.

This will bring your Play Store app to its factory-installed condition, eliminating any bugs or issues with the previous version. You can upgrade to the most recent version by downloading the APK through APKMirror.

4. Removing and adding your Google accounts on the device.

If you’re unable to fix the issue, then the next thing to do is uninstall and then add the Google account from your device.

To block you to deactivate your Google accounts:

Go to Settings and then select the Android phone.

Tap Accounts.

To create an account to  Google account

5.Visit the Settings and then navigate to the Accounts section.

Click Add Account and then click Google.

Enter your email address and password, then follow the directions at the top of the screen. create the account.

Open your Play Store and select the account that you wish to download by selecting it from the dropdown menu on the sidebar. Then, follow up with the download of the same data.

6.Apps will not load on phones that are just installed

If you’ve completed the factory reset procedure or created a brand different device chance is that the new app will not be downloaded at all. In this scenario, it will be apparent that you’ll see that the Play Store will show “pending download” for every app waiting to be downloaded.

It’s because your Google Account is in sync mode or downloading applications that are associated with it. It is recommended to wait for the sync or download process to complete before attempting it again. To speed up the process you can disable the sync feature in your account settings for around a few minutes or so, and then let it be activated once more. As mentioned previously, make sure that you’re using a stable connection.

6. Resolving Error Codes

Other issues can be found related to Google Play Store. Google Play Store. In the majority of cases, Google provides an error code to fix these. However, this is how to fix and read the most commonly encountered error codes available in the Play Store.

Error 101 Your phone has too many applications running currently. Uninstall old and inactive programs.

Error 194 – Remove the cache and information for Google Play Services as well as Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Error 403 Two Google accounts for purchasing games from one device. It is suggested to make sure you use the proper account or taking out the second. You can remove your proxy settings from your APN settings.

Error 492or 498: The handset’s Dalvik cache is empty. Try uninstalling all unnecessary applications and then clearing the cache by using its recovery.

Error 911 There is a query by the WiFi connection, or you may have to clear out the results cache. Compare and then separate to your WiFi network, or clean the cache.

Error 919/101/923/ 921 Your device’s capacity for storage is not sufficient. Check that you have enough space to download additional applications. It could also be caused by the incorrect APN settings.

Error 927 The download cannot be completed because it is because the Play Store is updating. Give it a couple of seconds until the Google Play Store is completely updated. If the issue is still present, you need to delete all your files of Play Store, Play Services, and the Download Manager.

The Google servers have connectivity problems. Wait until the issue is fixed.

Wrapping Up

This is a simple guide to fix the inability to download error for Google Play Store. The easiest solution for the problem with downloading apps is to remove the cache and clear information removed from Google Play Store, Play Services, and the Download Manager.

If the issue doesn’t solve, you may begin with uninstalling Play Store updates or removal and then re-adding the Google account. In some instances, you can restart your computer to resolve the issue. Which of these methods has been successful for you? Let us know by leaving a comment. Also, please feel free to get in touch with us in case of any concerns or queries.

In the Google Play Store apps for Android smartphone discovered Big bug

The majority of smartphones around the world operate on the Android operating system.In all of these users are also use google play store If a serious issue is revealed, the impact could be huge and affect hundreds of millions of Android users who is using google play store.

A similar issue has been revealed by ZDNet who reported that Android applications that are used by users contain up to 39 security flaws, vulnerabilities, or vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit on average. Among these are even banking and payment apps. These then, potentially, have the power of causing an immense amount of damage to users, including loss of money.

They also could cause a lot of harm to the Google Play Store user, which could include the loss of money.

Citing a report by CyRC, ZDNet said that more than 60 percent of Android apps are vulnerable to these issues and that users have no idea of the harm it’s creating until it is too late. CRC has reported that it has examined more than 3,335 free and paid mobile applications available through Google Play Store. Google Play Store. The analysis was based on AtlasVPN data. In essence, at the very least certain applications users install on their phones could have unexpected results for their use.

However, the issue isn’t new. As per the study, certain of these weaknesses were discovered and highlighted about two years ago, but they’re still present in the first quarter of 2021.

This suggests that no fixes to address the problem have been made available and users will have to adapt to them in the same way it’s been going.

The most dangerous category of Android apps with bugs was those that were free. According to AtlasVPN data, nearly 96% of apps had security flaws. Gaming is a hugely popular activity for both adults and teens it’s not a surprise that this particular category (top-earning games) was second with 94%…

Next on the list of apps that must be a concern to anyone is financial and banking apps with 88 percent. The fitness and health category was vulnerable with an average of 36% of vulnerabilities.The worst category of Android apps that have a bug in them were free ones.The problem, unfortunately, is not new. According to reports this was begin since 2 years ago and still continuing with time.

Then there’s education.  Education apps became the several special quantities of exploitable Android vulnerabilities with likely difficulties in the first part of 2021 – 43%”.

What is the scope of the issue? Because Google Play Store itself is huge, the bugs are likely to impact a significant number of users.

Atlas VPN stated, With the Google Play Store employment downloaded millions of times, it’s secure to say that they pose important security opportunities to Android users. Cyber security researchers have identified more than 1,600 vulnerabilities in the support ecosystem behind the top 5,000 free apps available in the Google Play Store.

How big a problem is it? Considering that Google Play Store itself is gigantic, the bugs will be affecting a huge number of people. Atlas VPN said, “Given that the Google Play store applications have been downloaded millions of times, it is safe to say they pose significant security risks to Android users.”

While the researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology and The Ohio State University studied only applications in the Google Play Store, applications designed for iOS may share the same backend systems.

The vulnerabilities were found in the back end systems that feed content and advertising to smartphone applications through a network of cloud-based servers.

Fix No Mobile Network Error Best 3 steps

It’s an extremely difficult scenario for you to confront the Mobile Network Not Available problem when trying to contact your pals repeatedly. It’s quite annoying and you’re unable to get from it. Luckily! There are a few easy solutions to correct this issue. Most likely, you encounter this issue while you are using Samsung Galaxy phones, but the owners of other Android phones also complain of experiencing the same problem frequently. Here’s how to solve this issue.

If you are experiencing this problem If you encounter this issue, simply go through the process of selecting a network over and over again to prevent it from happening again next time.

Start by opening the “Settings” menu. Look for the Wireless and Networks category. There, you must tap the option “More”.Now choose Mobile Networks. Click “Network Operators” and then click “Manual”. After you’ve completed it, reboot the Android phone to rid it of this problem. Yes! It’s working now.

Step 2: Fixing Improper Radio Signals Broadcasting

dial *#*#4636 #*#* on Your Android phone. There will be a “Tasting Menu”. Choose “Phone Information” from the category. Now you will see an alternative “Run Ping Test” which will show up at the top of the screen. Click that option. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you will find an option drop-down menu. Tap the menu to reveal the options. Then, click “GSM Auto (PRL). Below is you will see the choice “Turn off the radio”. Select it and restart your phone to make it work efficiently. Then you’ll be rid of the issue for certain.

Step 3: Fix Firmware Problem

Sometimes, it’s due to a firmware error. If you update your firmware, it will be immediately corrected. What you have to do is make sure that you update your software.

How to Fix No Mobile Network Error

Fix Mobile network not available Error in Android-For All service Provider-mobile network not available android-mobile network not available. I get the following error message/notification while try to calling in my android: Mobile network not available. ok This error solution is common for android,tablets,bluestacks and the android versions are kitkat,lollipop,marshmallow and this error is also occurring some service providers like that airtel,aircel,bsnl,jio,vodafone,idea,docomo. Some error occrring devices are

samsung,lg,sony,asus,micromax,lenovo,htc,vivo,gionee,redmi,panasonic,one plus one,yureka,moto,pixel,nexus,sony xperia m,sony xperia m2,sony xperia z1,sony xperia m4,sony xperia z5,sony xperia z,samsung galaxy s3,samsung galaxy s6,samsung s5,s7,s4,lebara,moto e,moto g3,moto g2,moto x play,verizon,virgin,asus zenfone 5,lenovo p780,lenovo s660,youwave,coolpad,cyanogenmod,droid maxx,huawei,koodo,kenapa,samsung galaxy note 3,s6,samsung s3,samsung galaxy devices and some time iphone also. Solution: 1.Goto settings-SIM management. 2.Then click to “Deactivate” your sim card. 3.If this method is not working again goto settings-mobile data. 4.Choose your sim card and then click “Network operators”.SHOW LESSAllRecently uploadedWatched

Select “Settings” and look for the option “About Phone” that lies near the end of the list usually. Select “System Updates” to bring up the latest version of your device’s system. If there are any updates, you will have to install them, and then restart your phone. There won’t be a problem with the cellular system not being ready.

Mobile Network Problem Solved 100% Working Method For All Mobile And Sim || NETWORK PROBLEM SOLUTION VIDEO QUERIES
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Samsung Galaxy Devices best #1 Troubleshooting the camera

Samsung Galaxy smartphones and the dated Samsung Galaxy Devices digital camera can produce stunning images. However, just like other electronic devices, occasionally the technology won’t function as expected. The most frequently repeated error occurs when you see “Camera Failed.” What exactly does that mean and how do you correct it? There are a variety of possible reasons and solutions.

Conditions of the Camera Aborted Error in Samsung Galaxy Devices

The error Camera Failed does not include any error codes or information about the reason for what’s wrong with the camera. properly. That makes troubleshooting difficult. However, it’s possible to fix it, as the majority of times it’s a software problem. The issue could be the result of an unfinished software update, outdated third-party applications, or even an SD card that the camera doesn’t recognize.

How to Make the Camera Broken Error in Samsung Galaxy Devices Smartphone Cameras

It is possible to test different ways to resolve this Camera Failed error on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Follow these steps, starting with the easiest to the most difficult.

Then restart your Samsung Galaxy Devices . A lot of issues that lead to software malfunctions can be resolved by a simple restart.

Verify updates to the system and application. A faulty operating system or application could result in a Camera Failure error.

Power up in Safe Mode. After that, check whether your camera functions properly. If it’s not then the issue could be an app from a third party that conflicts with the software for your camera. Reboot the phone into normal mode, then delete recently installed or upgraded third-party applications one at a time until the issue disappears. It is possible that you need to restart your phone after you have removed every app to ensure that it’s completely gone.

Remove the cache of the camera’s application as well as the storage information. Once the cache has been cleared then restart the camera and check it to determine if the problem is solved.

Remove and then insert your microSD card. Sometimes the Samsung Galaxy Devices camera on smartphones experiences an error when reading the microSD card. This could result in displaying the Camera Error. Reformat the card when asked.

Turn off Smart Stay. The feature utilizes its front-facing self-portrait camera to observe the face’s position while you’re looking at your screen for long periods and without touching the screen. Because this camera is used this can result in a battle if you are using the rear camera while Smart Stay is going.

Perform the hard reset. If nothing worked to now then the final thing you should attempt is the hard reset. The phone will be restored to factory settings, meaning that you’ll need to complete the entire setup procedure again as if it’s an entirely new phone.

If none of these techniques can determine the camera breakdown error on your Samsung Galaxy Devices , then contact the Samsung Mobile Support team for more extra support.

How to Make the Camera Broken Error in the Samsung Galaxy Devices Camera

It is believed that the Samsung Galaxy Camera has been taken off the market and Samsung does not support the gadget however should you own one these solutions might work.

Samsung Galaxy Devices can experience the same error message for Camera Failure similar to Samsung Galaxy Devices troubleshooting methods are different.

Check that the camera’s battery is fully charged before attempting one of these troubleshooting techniques. A few of them may take longer to finish. If the battery goes out when you are doing a task that you are doing, you might encounter other mistakes and need to begin the process of troubleshooting over.

Start the camera. A lot of issues that lead to software problems can be corrected by a simple restart. Hold and press the power button to shut off your camera. After it’s turned off, let the camera rest for a minimum of 30 seconds before switching it again.

Power up in Safe Mode. If the camera is working perfectly when operating in Safe Mode, a third-party app may conflict with the software of the device. Restart the camera, and then remove recent or recently updated apps from the list each time until you identify the one which is causing the issue.

This feature, known as Fast Power-On has to be disabled to start the system in Safe Mode. To disable Fast Power-On go to the Apps Settings Settings > Power and then tap Fast Power On to turn it off.

Clear the cache of the app and the app’s data. After you have cleared the cache is cleared, turn off the camera and check to determine if the issue disappears.

Reformat the SD card. Sometimes, your Samsung Galaxy camera encounters an error when reading an SD card. This could result in the Camera Failure error. The card can be reformatted to fix the problem.

The process of reformatting the SD card wipes out all the data on it. If you don’t want to lose the photos on the card then transfer the images onto your computer by using the SD card reader before doing reformat.

Perform an unintentional reset. This resets the camera back to its original settings.

If you opt to do a factory reset, all apps images, data, and files on internal storage are erased. It is important to back up these files before starting the reset process if you have anything that is saved on the camera that is not easily replaced.

Samsung Galaxy Devices

Best Solutions to Fix Android Error 354

Android Error 354 Missing/Bad FileProvider implies that some of the apps that are installed by your Android design require approval to use your front camera. This happens when the application trying to connect to your camera’s camera did not install correctly or was corrupted when you first installed the app on your phone. The positive side is that you’ll be able to quickly fix this issue with the help of the suggestions below.

Solutions to Fix Android Error 354

Update Your Apps and OS

First of all, make sure that your applications, as well as the Android OS version, are all up to date.

To update your apps manually start Google Play Store. Launch the Google Play Store app and select your profile photo. Choose My apps and games to see whether there are any scheduled updates to your apps. Select to update the entire app to upgrade your apps in one step.

For you to upgrade your Android applications automatically start your Google Play Store app, tap your profile picture and then click settings. Click on auto-update applications and choose your preferences for updates in the new window on the screen.

Make sure to upgrade to the Android version. Navigate to Settings and then select Software and Updates and then click Updates for Software. Turn off the Android device and verify the results.Android Error 354

Let Chrome Access Your Camera

A lot of users reported that they had solved the issue by granting Google Chrome permission to access the camera. Make sure the error message disappears after doing this.

Start Google’s Chrome app and then tap Other options.

Navigate to Settings and then select Site Settings.

Click the Camera and allow the browser to access your camera

Reinstall the Problematic App(s) Android Error 354

If the issue remains, uninstall the problematic application and then restart your device. Reinstall the app that generated the error. Then, check whether you see any changes.

If this doesn’t succeed, you can remove the app permanently. As an example, some users have reported that it was the Bajaj wallet app can trigger error 354. Take the app off your device, then verify to see if the issue has been solved.Android Error 354


To correct error 354 for Android Install the most recent updates for your applications and operating system. Also, you should let Chrome connect to your camera. Then, install the apps that caused this error. If the problem continues then you must remove the app to be sure. Did these suggestions help? Tell us via the comment section below.

Android Error 354

Solutions to Fix Android Error 354

Update Your Apps and OS

First things first, make sure your apps and Android OS version are all updated.

To manually update your apps, launch the Google Play Store app and tap your profile picture. Select My apps & games to check if there are any pending updates for your apps. Tap Update all to update your apps in one go.

To update your Android apps automatically, launch the Google Play Store app, tap your profile picture, and select Settings. Go to Auto-update apps and select your update preferences in the new window that appears on the screen.

Don’t forget to update your Android version. Go to Settings, select Software and updates, and tap Software updates. Restart your Android device and check the results.

Let Chrome Access Your Camera

Many users confirmed they solved the problem by giving Google Chrome permission to access the camera. Check if the error message stops after you do that.

  1. Launch the Chrome app and tap More options.
  2. Go to Settings, and select Site Settings.
  3. Tap Camera and let the browser access your camera.
  4. To let Chrome access your camera, you need to turn it on in Android settings.

Reinstall the Problematic App(s)

If the error persists, uninstall the problematic app and restart your device. Then reinstall the app that triggered the error and check if you notice any improvements.

If this method didn’t work, go ahead and permanently uninstall the problematic app. For example, many users said the Bajaj wallet app often triggers error 354. Remove the app from your device, and check if the issue gets resolved.


To fix error 354 on Android, install the latest updates for your apps and OS. Additionally, let Chrome access your camera and reinstall the apps that triggered this error. If the issue persists, remove the problematic apps for good. Did these solutions help? Let us know in the comments below.

Android Error 354

Why Is My Touch Screen Not Working?

touchscreens are fantastic when they function but when the touch screen stops functioning, the convenience disappears and the frustration begins to set in quickly. The main issue is that for some devices the touch screen is the only means of connecting to your tablet or phone. If that disappears suddenly it may feel like you’re locked out from your device completely.

There are instances where an inactive touch screen requires professional repair There are a variety of steps, ranging from simple to more advanced, that you can follow to restore the functionality of your touch screen.

Basic Problems for a Touch Screen That’s Not Operating

Cleanse the screen using a cloth that is free of lint.

Restart your device.

Take off your screen or case protector.

Make sure that your hands are dry and clean and don’t wear gloves.

No matter what your level of experience There are some simple solutions that you can test to fix your touchscreen if it stops working.

The device should be restarted. This may sound simple but if your touch screen ceases to function just restarting the device is typically the only way to resolve the issue.

Reset an iPhone

Reset an iPad

Set to an Android device

Reboot an operating system on a computer

Cleanse the screen and touch the protective screen. In certain situations, the screen may cease to function properly due buildup of dirt and grime, or issues with the screen or case protector. Because this is a fairly simple issue to deal with or eliminate the possibility of causing it, it’s best to provide your device with an extensive cleaning if you’ve tried rebooting but it didn’t do the task.

Cleanse your hands so that you avoid getting dirt on the screen. Wipe the screen clean with an online cloth. The cloth can be dry or wet however, do not use a wet one.

Take off the screen protector. If the screen protector becomes dirty under it, is wet, or becomes too warm it will stop responding to your fingers.

You might need to clean the screen following removal of the screen protector if the protector has a tear or wasn’t removed for a long time.

Intermediate Fixes for an Unresponsive Touch Screen

Dry it out if it was wet.

Tap the edges of the device that has been dropped.

Discard memory and sim card.

Disconnect peripherals like USB devices.

If your device has sustained any damage, such as in the case of a drop or wet, the repair process is a bit more complex. The steps are simple to follow, however, should you not feel comfortable trying to dry your phone, it’s best to leave it to professionals.

Another solution that is a bit more complex for touch screens is to switch off the device and then remove all SIM cards, memory cards, and other peripherals. The reason this is difficult is that these cards are often difficult to remove and then you must return them one by one to determine which one caused the cause of the problem.

Dry your phone. Touch screens may fail to function, cease to respond, or behave strangely if a smartphone gets wet. In such cases drying the phone well can resolve the issue. There are a variety of steps to drying out the phone on Android as well as drying out the iOS phone.

Simply tap each corner of the phone with a gentle tap on each corner. If a touchscreen stops functioning after a phone has been damaged, it’s usually because the digitizer connection is becoming loose internal to the phone. In that situation, gently tapping the corners of the phone could cause it to connect.

If this fails, repairing the digitizer will require disassembling the phone.

Take out the SIM card or memory card, as well as peripherals. Although it’s not as common issues with SIM cards or memory cards as well as other peripherals (such as USB devices) may result in touch screen issues on smartphones as well as Windows devices. Make sure that you shut down your device and remove the plug from your device before you start.

When the screen isn’t working, go to Advanced Solutions.

Advanced Fixes for an Unresponsive Touch Screen

Place the device in safe mode.

Make use of the device’s calibration tool or setting sensitivity.

Update or reinstall your driver.

Numerous different reasons cause a touch screen to cease working and the majority of them are difficult to identify.

As issues with touch screens could result from software or files downloaded then it is important to set your device, tablet, and laptop using safe mode. This is an uninvolved mode that does not load additional applications, but it could be a bit difficult to start it.Another option is to change the configuration of the touch screen and then reinstall drivers. This is more sophisticated but can help.

Switch on Safe Mode on Android as well as Windows safe mode for Windows. In certain situations, problems with an application or program you’ve downloaded could cause your touch screen to cease to respond. The best way to figure the issue is to start in safe mode since these programs and applications do not load in safe mode.

If you notice that your touch screen stops working once you go into safe mode, there is an issue with the application or software you downloaded. Start by downloading apps that you recently downloaded and move to other programs.

Adjust iPhone 3D Touch sensitivity. If you’re experiencing a non-responsive or incorrect touch screen on the iPhone 6, 6s, or earlier model, this could be an issue with 3D Touch sensitivity issue. If so, and that the touch screen functions properly, you’ll need to change the setting.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > 3D & Haptic Touch. Set the slider to the two levels of firm and light. Try switching off 3D Touch in case the screen remains insensitive or not responsive.

Calibrating Your Windows touchscreen. The Windows Tapping Screen Calibration tool allows you to adjust the center point of every touch you perform with your phone. If you discover that your touch seems to be a bit off it could be a good idea to get things back to normal.If your touchscreen isn’t working after trying these advanced fixes and then proceed to upgrading the drivers and installing your touch screen.

Updating and Reinstalling Touch Screen Drivers

If you own a Windows device that has a broken touchscreen, then updating drivers can resolve the issue. Enabling and disabling the driver or installing it may be able to fix the issue.In every case, you’ll have the connection of a keyboard as well as a mouse or touchpad first.

Update drivers for touch screens. Often updating drivers solves any problems you’re experiencing. Re-enable and disable the Windows touch driver for the screen. This procedure can also resolve any issues you’re having with Windows.

Uninstall and install the driver for touch screens. If updating or disabling and then re-enabling fails to work, then a reinstall may be the answer.If your touchscreen does not work after the steps above you’ll likely require professional assistance to repair it. If that doesn’t work then it’s time to get the purchase of a new phone.

Why Is My Touch Screen Not Working?

Solutions To The Most Common Smartphone Problems

Imagine smartphone problems, and the most frequent problems faced by smartphone owners include poor storage, low battery life connectivity issues, etc. However, do we are aware of how to solve these issues on smartphones? Therefore, we’ve provided solutions to these typical smartphone problems you can test out for yourself.

Insufficient Storage

This issue with smartphones tops the list of problems for Android smartphones due to the internal memory capacities of Android devices is not what they appear. For instance, the fact that a device has 32GB does not mean you’ll receive a device that has 32GB storage. If you have a phone with 32 GB storage capacity, the majority of the space is taken up in the operating system as well as the pre-installed applications. In the end, we find ourselves installing and uninstalling more often because of the space limitation.

If you happen to encounter an error message that says you have insufficient storage Uninstall all unneeded apps from your phone. It will clear space and ensure that your device is operating smoothly. After that, transfer some applications, images, and large files off your device to an SD card. You’ll be amazed by how much space you’re left with.

Make it a habit of clearing all cache (the phone’s temporary storage space). Each app you use uses space for cached files and clearing them can free up enough space. To clean the cache:

Navigate to the smartphone’s settings menu.

Select Apps.

Select an application that offers an abundance of cache storage (Facebook, Twitter, Game, Chrome).

Click on Clear Cache…

Phone Freezes Smartphone Problems

Smartphones typically slow down when the internal storage is full. This is why you have to remove any unnecessary applications, then move your pictures and videos to Dropbox or SD card and refrain from making use of live wallpapers.

Make sure to close all the running applications which cause your phone to stop working or, like a similar electronic gadget, you can try switching off your smartphone, hold it for a while and then turn it on to turn it back on. Restarting your device often solves many issues with the device. It is also possible that your phone doesn’t have the latest version of the update. Therefore, try to update it.

If you find that your device freezes often when you launch an app, it’s recommended to remove the app because some apps are unreliable or cause crashes. In addition, you can also try Clean Master. The clean Master app, which is free in the Google Play Store. It will clean your phone by getting rid of all garbage and boosts the performance of your phone to a degree.

Phone Slows Down Smartphone Problems

If your smartphone starts to slow down and applications take longer to load and open remove a couple of applications, clear the cached data, and verify your SD card if it’s one. The SD card could slow down your phone’s speed therefore, upgrade it if it is necessary.

Look for any updates on your phone. If it doesn’t work, perform the factory reset. Remember, a factory reset removes all the data from the phone, making the phone appear like it was before you opened it. Make sure that the phone has all its information stored on an external hard drive before when you attempt an initial factory reset.

Additionally, those useful mini-apps, sometimes referred to as widgets, that we use on our phones can take up too much of our resources. Some widgets, like clocks or Chrome bookmarks, are great features to add to the home screen, however, keep in mind that every widget runs in real-time when you’re using your device. Deleting any widgets that are not essential won’t just free up space, but also enhance the performance of your phone.

Mobile Battery Drains Quickly

The most efficient way to extend the battery life of your smartphone is to alter the brightness settings. Do not use the auto-brightness settings and make it as dim as you can since it will use up the battery. Get rid of unnecessary widgets on the home screen, such as news and social media apps that are displayed on your home screen to provide live updates.

Switch off your notifications and, especially, GPS when not in use. You can also let the battery run completely every three months. This can help preserve its capacity to charge.

Mobile Connectivity Issues Smartphone Problems

This is a problem that is common for most phones. When you next encounter difficulties connecting to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or your cellular networks, switch off the mode that allows airplanes for a couple of minutes and then turn off the airplane mode. If this doesn’t work you can try shutting off the internet on your phone and switch it back on.

If none of these suggestions work, then your phone is or isn’t working properly and you should upgrade or the phone is suffering from several serious issues that require to be addressed. Whatever the issue is, if your phone is covered by Onsitego Extended Warranty, Onsitego Extended Warranty plans you will never be worried about fixing your phone. Onsite will repair, picks up, and then delivers the device to your doorstep at no additional cost. The plan will begin at the time the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Visit this link for more details regarding this extended warranty program.

Smartphone Problems

Google Play Errors Fix #1 Best Solutions

Google Play Errors in OPPO A37

When you are using Google Play Store, Google Play store it may be necessary to face some issues and errors. In this article, we will teach you how you can quickly and efficiently deal with the most frequent mistakes in the Google Play App.

Google Play Store Error 403

The issue occurs when you attempt to download an application, but you are presented with the information that accesses this application is not allowed. Error 403 usually pops up when a user attempts to download an application on a single device with several accounts on Google Play accounts.

The remedy to fix this error is very easy. It is necessary to remove all details about the proxy. To do this, comply with these instructions:

Go to Settings

Select Connections and then tap for more networks.


Select Mobile Network then APN (Access Point Name). Remove the screen password from the OPPO A37

Find and select the to clear the Proxy alternative or reset to default.

In modern Android phones, you can locate and choose the Reset the All Network Settings.

If this method isn’t working, you may try another method, since the reason for the Error 403 is different:

Create a new Gmail Account. Remove Screen Lock on OPPO A37

Open Google Play Store.

You can go to the menu of Google Play and find and select Accounts. Permanently erase data from the OPO A37.

Then, select a different Gmail account (the one you set up)

After you have completed all these steps, you can attempt to install the application once more.

Google Play Store Error 492


This error prevents the installation of applications because of issues related to the caches of Davlika. The solution is quite simple.

Then, head to Settings.

Open the Application Manager and choose the All Tab. Hard Reset OPPO A37.

Find the Google Play app.hard reset OPPO A37

In the final step, select Storage and click Clear cache. Factory Reset the OPPO A37

Google Play Store Error 495

This issue is usually encountered when you install or update applications via Google Play.

To resolve this issue, delete your Google Play data from Settings. Master Reset the OPPO A37

It is also necessary to delete the cache of data Google Play services and log back into the store. Master Reset Oppo A37

If the above method isn’t working, you can erase your Gmail account linked by your Android device once more. After that, it’s recommended to reboot your device and then log in.

Google Play Store Error 498

The consequence of this error is an interruption in the downloading process. This happens when the memory on our phone is already filled. The solution is straightforward that you have to delete unwanted files and apps from your device to free up more space. If you want to remove some applications, you must make use of to use the App Manager. Hard Reset the OPPO A37

Play Store Error 919

This error occurs when you attempt to launch the app that has been downloaded through Play in the past but it won’t launch. In that situation, you must increase the available memory of your tablet or smartphone. In the future, it’s a great idea to remove the downloaded application and then install it once more.

Play Store Error 921

This makes downloading apps through Google Play impossible. What can we do to fix this issue?

Clear caches on Google Play just like the error 492. You could also sign out of Plays. After that, restart the phone and log back into Play. Factory Reset the OPPO A37

Play Store Error 927

The application isn’t available for download because it is updated. Play app is updating.

If you are sure that you do find that Play is updating- it’s just a matter of waiting. If, however, it is taking too long, you must clear the cache using the procedure from 492 error. Factory Reset Oppo A37

Play Store Error 941

This error appears while you download application updates. The solution is well-known. It’s as simple as Clear Cache in the Play store along with Download Manager.