Can Git hook scripts be managed along with the repository?



We’d like to make a few basic hook scripts that we can all share — for things like pre-formatting commit messages. Git has hook scripts for that that are normally stored under <project>/.git/hooks/. However, those scripts are not propagated when people do a clone and they are not version controlled.

Is there a good way to help everyone get the right hook scripts? Can I just make those hook scripts point to version controlled scripts in my repo?


Theoretically, you could create a hooks directory (or whatever name you prefer) in your project directory with all the scripts, and then symlink them in .git/hooks. Of course, each person who cloned the repo would have to set up these symlinks (although you could get really fancy and have a deploy script that the cloner could run to set them up semi-automatically).

To do the symlink on *nix, all you need to do is:

ln -s "$root/hooks" "$root/.git/hooks"

use ln -sf if you’re ready to overwrite what’s in .git/hooks

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