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i use below code to generate and share the link in Facebook etc, and click it, it has record in " Summary ", but not show in Quick Link Dashboard.

val lp = LinkProperties()

 val buo = BranchUniversalObject()
            .setTitle("Hellow Title")
            .setContentDescription("Hello Description")

            activity, lp
        ) { url, error ->
            if (error == null) {
                // share intent
            } else {
                Logger.e("error: ${error.message}")

Using the code, this cannot show in the Quick Link Dashboard.
About the doc, it need add two params "type:2" and "$marketing_title", i set it to LinkProperties:

lp.addControlParameter("type", "2")
.addControlParameter("\$marketing_title", "android _test")

Or: BranchUniversalObject:

buo.setContentMetadata(ContentMetadata().addCustomMetadata("type", "2"))

But it not work, so, how to solve?



By default, your SDK-created links will not be visible on the Quick Links Dashboard. The specification of passing type:2 and setting a marketing title in the request payload is limited to API-created links only.

Understanding that you’d want to check the conversions, it is highly recommended to tag these branch links (e.g. channel = API/campaign=Promo) so that you can segment your data to see all installs/clicks from links created via the SDK on the Branch Dashboard Sources/Summary section.

Answered By – Kartik Shandilya

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