Best Solutions to Fix Android Error 354


Android Error 354 Missing/Bad FileProvider implies that some of the apps that are installed by your Android design require approval to use your front camera. This happens when the application trying to connect to your camera’s camera did not install correctly or was corrupted when you first installed the app on your phone. The positive side is that you’ll be able to quickly fix this issue with the help of the suggestions below.

Solutions to Fix Android Error 354

Update Your Apps and OS

First of all, make sure that your applications, as well as the Android OS version, are all up to date.

To update your apps manually start Google Play Store. Launch the Google Play Store app and select your profile photo. Choose My apps and games to see whether there are any scheduled updates to your apps. Select to update the entire app to upgrade your apps in one step.

For you to upgrade your Android applications automatically start your Google Play Store app, tap your profile picture and then click settings. Click on auto-update applications and choose your preferences for updates in the new window on the screen.

Make sure to upgrade to the Android version. Navigate to Settings and then select Software and Updates and then click Updates for Software. Turn off the Android device and verify the results.Android Error 354

Let Chrome Access Your Camera

A lot of users reported that they had solved the issue by granting Google Chrome permission to access the camera. Make sure the error message disappears after doing this.

Start Google’s Chrome app and then tap Other options.

Navigate to Settings and then select Site Settings.

Click the Camera and allow the browser to access your camera

Reinstall the Problematic App(s) Android Error 354

If the issue remains, uninstall the problematic application and then restart your device. Reinstall the app that generated the error. Then, check whether you see any changes.

If this doesn’t succeed, you can remove the app permanently. As an example, some users have reported that it was the Bajaj wallet app can trigger error 354. Take the app off your device, then verify to see if the issue has been solved.Android Error 354


To correct error 354 for Android Install the most recent updates for your applications and operating system. Also, you should let Chrome connect to your camera. Then, install the apps that caused this error. If the problem continues then you must remove the app to be sure. Did these suggestions help? Tell us via the comment section below.

Android Error 354

Solutions to Fix Android Error 354

Update Your Apps and OS

First things first, make sure your apps and Android OS version are all updated.

To manually update your apps, launch the Google Play Store app and tap your profile picture. Select My apps & games to check if there are any pending updates for your apps. Tap Update all to update your apps in one go.

To update your Android apps automatically, launch the Google Play Store app, tap your profile picture, and select Settings. Go to Auto-update apps and select your update preferences in the new window that appears on the screen.

Don’t forget to update your Android version. Go to Settings, select Software and updates, and tap Software updates. Restart your Android device and check the results.

Let Chrome Access Your Camera

Many users confirmed they solved the problem by giving Google Chrome permission to access the camera. Check if the error message stops after you do that.

  1. Launch the Chrome app and tap More options.
  2. Go to Settings, and select Site Settings.
  3. Tap Camera and let the browser access your camera.
  4. To let Chrome access your camera, you need to turn it on in Android settings.

Reinstall the Problematic App(s)

If the error persists, uninstall the problematic app and restart your device. Then reinstall the app that triggered the error and check if you notice any improvements.

If this method didn’t work, go ahead and permanently uninstall the problematic app. For example, many users said the Bajaj wallet app often triggers error 354. Remove the app from your device, and check if the issue gets resolved.


To fix error 354 on Android, install the latest updates for your apps and OS. Additionally, let Chrome access your camera and reinstall the apps that triggered this error. If the issue persists, remove the problematic apps for good. Did these solutions help? Let us know in the comments below.

Android Error 354
Android Error 354
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