Best 7 ways to solve Bluetooth not working on android.

It’s like having flat tires when you take out the wireless earbuds that came in the case and Bluetooth is playing pranks on you. It’s not uncommon to get stressed trying to figure out the source of the problem. You’ll be left wondering the possibility that your device is having issues or is just your device refusing to cooperate.

If you’re caught in a similar situation, you’re not the only one. It’s happened to all users of a Bluetooth device, which includes our staff at Carlcare. This is why we have this definitive guide to fixing Bluetooth not working properly on Android.

1.Restart the device and see what happens to  bluetooth connection.

The first thing to do is check the Bluetooth connection. There may be some issues in the system which alter the communication with your Bluetooth device and your phone. These kinds of issues can be resolved with a reboot of your device.

Click and hold the power button and then press “Restart”. You can also reboot your device by pressing your power button for approximately 8-10 minutes.

2.Turn off and then turn off the Bluetooth connection

Sometimes when you want to fix Android Bluetooth not working, it is possible to restart it, especially when it’s been turned off for a long time. So, all you have to do is switch shut off or turn off to turn off the connection.

Slide the panel down to set the quick-setting setting.

You’ll notice the Bluetooth icon. Tap on it to turn off it.

Tap it once more to turn it off.

Also, if you want to restart the Bluetooth connection, you should restart your device, too.

3.Remove all Bluetooth cache and the data.

If it does not connect to Android correctly, you may need to delete the app’s data and cache to enable your Bluetooth app. Similar to every other app you have on your smartphone, Bluetooth also stores some information for a short period. To delete this, visit settings.

4.Open your device Settings

Click on “Apps & Notifications’

Based on the Android version, simply click an option to show the entire list of apps.

Tap the three dots on the right-hand side for additional options, and then click “Show system”

Then, scroll through your apps till see ‘Bluetooth’. Then tap it.

Select ‘Storage and Cache’. You can then clear the cache and storage information from the menu.

After that, reconnect to your Bluetooth device to check whether it works.

Get rid of all the devices and fix them.

As well, if you clear the cache and app data can also bring some luck when you repair your Bluetooth device. That is you can remove them and then add them back.

Open your device Settings.

Tap ‘Connected Devices’

Tap ‘Bluetooth’

Then select ‘Previously connected devices’

Find your Bluetooth device in the list, and then tap the Settings icon that is next to it.

Select ‘Forget’ from the screen, and confirm it.

Go again to the Bluetooth menu, and then tap “Pair new device” to fix your Bluetooth device. If the repair is successful then you can use your Bluetooth device right now.

In Safe Mode, connect to the Bluetooth

The ability to boot into Safe Mode is one of the most popular ways to troubleshoot the issue with an Android device. When you go into Safe Mode, it loads the device with no third-party apps and opens the way for determining whether the issue is caused by an application. Use the following steps to enter Safe Mode.

Press the power button until the power menu is displayed.

Hold the button “Power off” until you can see”Reboot” or the “Reboot to Safe Mode” window. (Note If you’re using HiOS or XOS then press the HiOS/XOS logo in your power menu, instead.)

Now tap ‘Ok’

When your device is finished loading, try connecting the device once more. If it is working, it indicates that the Android Bluetooth not working issue is due to an application from a third party that you have recently installed. Look for such apps and delete them.

To return to the normal operating system, simply reboot your phone.

5.Make sure to check other devices.

Before you become even more frustrated by this issue with Android Try connecting to other devices. This will allow you to determine whether the issue is from your phone or a device. You could, for instance, connect to a wristwatch alternatively, if you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your headphones.

6.Upgrade the application.

As with other issues with the software on Android handsets, a flaw in the software could result in your Bluetooth device not connect correctly. In this case, you might have to install updates that are pending on your device. For this, visit the settings of your phone.

Open Settings.

Scroll to the bottom and tap “System”

Select ‘System Update’

Follow the instructions on the screen to install and check any updates that are pending.

Try making a connection to your device to test whether it does work. Try other solutions in the next section if you’re still not working.

7.Hardware problems? Contact the service center.

In this case, you are likely to be able to fix this issue with Android and continue to enjoy your piece of technology. If none of the suggestions above don’t work, then take your phone to the authorized service center.

This is the time for the intervention of Carlcare. We’re the official service providers to TECNO, Infinix, and itel smartphones, including Oraimo. We’re experts in repairing any problem that you may encounter using the above-mentioned devices. For instance, if your issue appears to be arising out of your Oraimo Ear speakers or earbuds, or even your phone, bring it in to our office for a thorough investigation.

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