Best 5 ways to resolve app Icons that Disappeared or Missing on Android


It’s convenient to download and install apps with smartphones so long as storage capacity is sufficient. All we need to do is access Google Play Store, click on Google Play Store to select an app, and then install. There are a variety of apps we can utilize at any time. However, some users have complained about missing app icons on Android smartphones. One reason could be that we accidentally delete an app icon for an app without realizing it.

When we attempt to locate the app, it’s disappeared. Is there an option to fix this Android problem? Yes, you can check out the list of troubleshooting techniques below to learn what to do.

How in imitation of Fix app Icons Disappeared over Android Phones

Method #1 – Unhide the app Using the Launcher Setting

Your app could be hidden. To reveal or hide the app, visit the settings for your launcher, and unhide the app which is not present. It is also possible to arrange the apps in a way that you’re easily able to find them.

Method 2 – Open your Widgets

You can drag the missing icons back onto your screen via your widgets. To get access to this feature simply tap and hold anyplace within your main screen.

Search for Widgets that you can tap on to activate.

Find the missing app. Hold and tap the app. Drag it into the home screen to place the icon. It is possible to do this for every app you believe you’re missing.

After you’re done, place the application on your main screen.

Method #3 – Use your App Drawer

You can access your app drawer. It’s a symbol with six circles that resembles the shape of a button.

Search for the app that is missing. If you’ve got a lot of apps in your drawers You can search for them using to search.

Hold and tap the icon. Drag it onto your home screen.

Method #4 – Reenable the Apps

The missing app icons could be removed at some point, and you’ll have to enable it to display the home screen.

Open the Settings on your device.

Visit Apps or manage apps.

Find the missing application and then start it.

Check for the Disable or Start/Enable options. If you find your app disabled You will have to enable it by tapping the button. it.

Method #5 – Check If the App icons is Deleted

It might not be because the icon of the app appears to be missing however you may have accidentally deleted the entire application. To determine if the app is still on your phone you need to visit Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Look for the app. If the Install option is displayed it means that the app has been deleted. Install it to launch it once more.

It’s that simple! Do each step one at each step and see whether the issue is solved or not. Did the article help you? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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