Are these two model definitions differ from each other?



Do these two model definitions differ from each other or do they work the same way?

And if these are different, why?

def create_model(input):

   x = Conv2D(256, 3)(input)
   x = ReLU()(x)

   x = Flatten()(x)
   x = Dropout(0.4)(x)

   x = Dense(2, activation='sigmoid')(x)
   model = Model(input, x)
   return model

def create_model(input):

       Conv2D(256, 3, input_shape=input_shape, activation='relu' ),
       Dense(2, activation='sigmoid')

   return model


No, the model definitions are same. The only difference is the way you are defining i.e sequential and functional.

Answered By – keertika jain

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