Anyway to use an external diff editor in Eclipse with EGit?



Is there anyway to configure Eclipse/EGit to use an external diff editor and merge tool when doing differences/merges? I’ve been looking for a way to use something like BeyondCompare or DiffMerge or Kaleidoscope, but so far haven’t found anyway to configure it.

I realize that BC has their own plugin, but it does not work within Egit context (ie: when looking at history and comparing to working tree, etc).

I’m running Eclipse 3.7SR2 (Indigo) and eGit 2.1.0. I’ve tried putting stuff in my .gitconfig to use external diff tools, but Eclipse still opens the files in its own compare windows.


This is currently not supported by EGit, see bug 356832 which tracks this enhancement and also includes a workaround.

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