In the Google Play Store apps for Android smartphone discovered Big bug


The majority of smartphones around the world operate on the Android operating system.In all of these users are also use google play store If a serious issue is revealed, the impact could be huge and affect hundreds of millions of Android users who is using google play store.

A similar issue has been revealed by ZDNet who reported that Android applications that are used by users contain up to 39 security flaws, vulnerabilities, or vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit on average. Among these are even banking and payment apps. These then, potentially, have the power of causing an immense amount of damage to users, including loss of money.

They also could cause a lot of harm to the Google Play Store user, which could include the loss of money.

Citing a report by CyRC, ZDNet said that more than 60 percent of Android apps are vulnerable to these issues and that users have no idea of the harm it’s creating until it is too late. CRC has reported that it has examined more than 3,335 free and paid mobile applications available through Google Play Store. Google Play Store. The analysis was based on AtlasVPN data. In essence, at the very least certain applications users install on their phones could have unexpected results for their use.

However, the issue isn’t new. As per the study, certain of these weaknesses were discovered and highlighted about two years ago, but they’re still present in the first quarter of 2021.

This suggests that no fixes to address the problem have been made available and users will have to adapt to them in the same way it’s been going.

The most dangerous category of Android apps with bugs was those that were free. According to AtlasVPN data, nearly 96% of apps had security flaws. Gaming is a hugely popular activity for both adults and teens it’s not a surprise that this particular category (top-earning games) was second with 94%…

Next on the list of apps that must be a concern to anyone is financial and banking apps with 88 percent. The fitness and health category was vulnerable with an average of 36% of vulnerabilities.The worst category of Android apps that have a bug in them were free ones.The problem, unfortunately, is not new. According to reports this was begin since 2 years ago and still continuing with time.

Then there’s education.  Education apps became the several special quantities of exploitable Android vulnerabilities with likely difficulties in the first part of 2021 – 43%”.

What is the scope of the issue? Because Google Play Store itself is huge, the bugs are likely to impact a significant number of users.

Atlas VPN stated, With the Google Play Store employment downloaded millions of times, it’s secure to say that they pose important security opportunities to Android users. Cyber security researchers have identified more than 1,600 vulnerabilities in the support ecosystem behind the top 5,000 free apps available in the Google Play Store.

How big a problem is it? Considering that Google Play Store itself is gigantic, the bugs will be affecting a huge number of people. Atlas VPN said, “Given that the Google Play store applications have been downloaded millions of times, it is safe to say they pose significant security risks to Android users.”

While the researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology and The Ohio State University studied only applications in the Google Play Store, applications designed for iOS may share the same backend systems.

The vulnerabilities were found in the back end systems that feed content and advertising to smartphone applications through a network of cloud-based servers.

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