Adding random files into root directoy of yocto image?



How can we add random files e.g. jpeg, mp3, .py files into some directory e.g. /data/myfiles in yocto?
The step what i have done so far is i have created a my own layer with bitbake-layers and i am also able to add already available recipes into my layer and then it is added into my image .

I do bitbake core-minimal-image, it get built and then i am able touse the packages which i have added through local.conf or .bbappend file.
i have found this recipe file ..

SUMMARY = "Copy script to image deployment area"
SECTION = "devel"
SRC_URI = "file://"

#This package doesn't have any files for the rootfs in it, option needed to create an empty 
# package so when the rootfs image is made it finds the mksd_xxx.deb package and doesn't complain
FILES_${PN} = ""

# Copy script to the deploy area with u-boot, uImage, and rootfs
do_deploy () {
   install -d ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}
   install -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/ ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}
addtask deploy after do_install

But now i am a bit confused about e.g. i have an .jpeg file and i want it to copy into /data/my files directory into my target system. That means i want to create a directory first named /data/myfiles and then i want to copy an image there all through recipe.
So when i burn my image into my device it should show in my device?
How can i do that?


Can’t you just create a simple recipe to do this? That way you could manage dependencies or change whether they are installed or not by just adding/removing the recipe. This is how Yocto should work.

DESCRIPTION = "File Installer"

SRC_URI = " \
    file://filea \
    file://fileb \
    file://filec \
    file://filed \

S = "${WORKDIR}"

do_install() {
    install -d ${D}/path
    install ${S}/filea ${D}/path
    install ${S}/fileb ${D}/path
    install ${S}/filec ${D}/path
    install ${S}/filed ${D}/path

FILES_${PN} += "/path"

Answered By – Peter Buelow

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