Adding additional rows to dataframe where date is the index



Im trying to add additional rows to a data frame where the index is DateTime and am not sure how to go about doing this'AAPL')
AAPL=AAPL['Adj Close']

This is the error message i recieved

TypeError: cannot insert DatetimeArray with incompatible label


You had better first convert your date string to a datetime object type in pandas and then do whatever you want.
This is your method:

import pandas as pd
import yfinance as yf

AAPL = AAPL['Adj Close']
AAPL.loc[pd.to_datetime('2021-12-04')] = 0
# This is also acceptable
# AAPL.loc['2021-12-04'] = 0

And Here is my method to cope with this:

import pandas as pd
import yfinance as yf

AAPL = AAPL[['Adj Close']]
AAPL = AAPL.append(pd.DataFrame(0, index=[pd.to_datetime('2021-12-04')], columns=AAPL.columns))


             Adj Close
1980-12-12    0.100453
1980-12-15    0.095213
1980-12-16    0.088224
1980-12-17    0.090408
1980-12-18    0.093029
...                ...
2021-12-30  178.199997
2021-12-31  177.570007
2022-01-03  182.009995
2022-01-04  179.699997
2021-12-04    0.000000

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