Best 5 ways to Fix GPS Not Working Issue on Android


Each Smartphone comes with a GPS feature that allows your device to track your exact location at all times. GPS lets you locate your car or phone if they’re stolen or monitor the exact location of your family members. Certain apps aren’t able to be used if GPS is not available. A broken GPS could stop users from using their phones in a normal manner, and it’s normal to resolve this issue quickly. In this post, we’ll assist you in that process by providing you with a variety of ways to fix the problems with the GPS not working on your phone.

The Reasons Why GPS not Working

A variety of factors can result in several factors can cause GPS in your phone to cease working, such as the actual location, reliability of your wifi network or the pending update to your system could all cause the GPS in your phone isn’t working properly.

The thick walls of commercial structures can interfere with the GPS signal for a short period, and your device might not be able to receive the signal when you’re in a remote area. Sometimes, the Maps app isn’t operating properly due to it not being updated or the cache is full.

Whatever the reason, GPS on your smartphone isn’t working, fixing the issue is a simple process that can be done in a matter of minutes.

How to Fix GPS Not Working Issue

The steps you need to follow to fix issues in this depend on the root of the issue. If the problem is not due to the carrier or malfunctioning equipment or the hardware, you’ll be able to resolve the issue by yourself.

We’ve compiled a list of best solutions for problems that could result in your GPS in your Smartphone ceasing functioning.

1. Check the GPS Status

While the procedure of checking the GPS status can be a bit technical, you can do it without too much difficulty.

The process of checking your GPS status requires access to the hidden menus that operate the device’s operating system. To do this, you’ll require a code to access that. Open your Phone application, click on the Compose icon and enter *#*#4636 #**, *#0*#, and #7378423#** based upon your Smartphone model and the manufacturer.

After you’ve accessed the menu, you need to tap on Sensor Test/Phone Information/Service Test depending on the terminal, and then choose that GPS Test option. The device will conduct the test for its GPS feature and will inform you if something is wrong with it.

If you wish, you can download an application called the GPS Test app which will analyze the GPS feature of your device, and identify any issues that might be hindering the performance of your device.

2. Switch the GPS Off and On

The first step you must do is when you notice an issue with your smartphone’s GPS. In certain situations, disabling and activating it could be all you must do to make it work normally.

In doing this, you’ll refresh the device and give the device the chance to address any issues that were blocking the it from working as it should. For this to happen, only need to open the notification shade that is at the top of the screen and then click to open the icon.

Switch off this feature for a short amount of time before turning it back on. Check whether the GPS in your phone is functioning.

3. Restart Your Smartphone

If switching on and off the GPS did not yield the results you expected, you may want to attempt to restart your Smartphone. This way you’ll be giving the device an opportunity for a reset of the setting that could cause the GPS to cease functioning.

While this is an effective solution for these problems, be aware that the source of the issue may recur, and you’ll need to figure out a solution to solve the issue.

4. Deactivate the Airplane Mode

The Airplane mode stops the Smartphone from not connecting to WiFi networks’ cellular network and activating it will permit the device to be disconnected from the networks that interfered with this.

The Airplane mode is activated through the notification shade. it is as simple as tapping on the icon to activate it. Keep the Airplane mode turned running for around one minute, and then turn it off by pressing the icon.

5. Charge the Device’s Battery

Smartphones can enter a power-saving mode if their battery is empty. Therefore, it shuts off the GPS to cut down on the power consumption. The battery of your device should be fully charged will ensure that you don’t end up encountering any GPS-related issues.

6. Clear the Cache of the Maps App

The information stored within the memory of the Maps app could be taking up excessive space on your smartphone, causing the GPS to cease functioning.

Clear the cache in the Maps application in several simple steps.

First step: Locate the submenu Apps within the Settings menu, then tap it. Keep browsing through the apps that are installed on your device until you come to Maps. Maps app.

Step 2. Tap in the Maps app and then erase the cache and the data. Restart your phone following this and verify that the GPS is functioning.

7. Improve the Accuracy of the Location Services

Modifying the GPS settings can improve the accuracy of the feature even if it’s not able to pinpoint your precise location. Making the accuracy of the Location services is an easy process that only requires two taps.

First Step: Choose the location feature from the Settings menu, and then click on the Mode button.

Step 2. Pick the High Accuracy mode and confirm the settings.

8. Easiest Way to Fix GPS Not Working Issue

If you’ve tried every one of the above methods but cannot resolve the issue then you can give the possibility of an all-around Android saver known as DroidKit. It will allow you to unlock the phone, get lost data back as well as fix the system problems such as. If your phone’s GPS does not function correctly, DroidKit can bring your phone back to normal. Download it, and follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

GPS Not Working Issue on Android
GPS Not Working Issue on Android

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