7 best facts of OPPO Phone in conformity with PC according to Transfer Files


Your OPPO telephone has robust technological know-how so it allows you to switch documents rapidly and efficiently in imitation of the Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. All you need to do is connect the OPPO phone to your computer with a data cable and then you are ready to begin the process of transferring files. To learn the best way to move files like audio, videos, images documents or even audio follow the straightforward guide that we have created below.

Applicable to all OPPO Smartphones.

Transfer of files to PC OPPO phone to computer

Follow the steps below to learn how to transfer your data from the OPPO handset to a laptop or computer.

USB Debugging lets the OPPO phone connect with computers.

Navigate to [Settings] » About Phone then tap [Version] 7 times in succession to switch into Developer mode.

* On some OPPO phones go to Settings > [About Phone» > [Version] and tap the [Build Number] 7 times until you’re prompted “You are now in Developer Mode!”

Navigate to [Settings] > [Additional Settings» Developer Options Following your ColorOS Version, you could require a code. Switch to green to enable [Developer Options[Developer Options].

When you connect your mobile to a Windows PC using a USB cable. You will receive an alert on your phone to grant authorization to allow USB Debugging to the specific Windows PC. Developer Options also allows you to enable USB Debugging.

Click to open the message on your phone that says [Transferring Photos using USBChoose”Transfer Files” to begin the transfer of files onto your computer.

How do I turn off Developer Options?

for ColorOS 5.1 and above:

Click on [Settings» and then [Additional Settings] [Developer Options] before switching to turn off.

To ColorOS 5.0 and lower:

Simply press the highlight in orange on the uppermost portion of the screen that is home.

What happens if it isn’t working?

Verify for the USB cable.

Make sure to check the USB cable for damage signs such as bent or broken prongs. Check with a different cable whether it is recognized on your system.

Utilize a different USB Port or computer/PC.

Make use of a different USB port to see whether the issue is fixed. If you can test it, do it on a different PC or computer.

Make sure to restart both the mobile as well as your computer.

Restart your phone and computer and try again. To turn off your OPPO phone simply press then hold down the Power button as well as hold the volume up button for a minimum of eight seconds, or till the OPPO logo appears. To turn your handset back on hold and press your power button till you can see an OPPO logo.

Switch on the Airplane mode of your computer.

If Windows 10 doesn’t recognize your OPPO phone, enable your computer’s Airplane mode in your computer and then try. If the phone is recognized by your computer when it is in Airplane mode, you can continue the transfer of files and then turn off Airplane mode after the transfer is complete.

Check the phone’s operating system.

Check that the phone’s software is updated in Settings> Software Update[ Software update] Software update after that, you can start the phone.

reset the phones system’s settings

Go to the settings menu, then select [Additional Settings» > [Backup and Reset[Reset factory settings] erase any files (factory reset)Reset System Settings Only[Reset System Settings Only]. (this option is available for devices running ColorOS 3.2 and up).

If the steps over didn’t get to the bottom of the issue, ye should originate thine assurance visiting card or then counsel you partial OPPO Customer Service, thou ought to additionally attain OPPO Support, therefore, we perform help yet assist ye in addition along with the issue.


To find the closest OPPO Sevice Center in your region, please visit the Support page of OPPO OPPO Support Website Domain. The word “ph” refers to the location you’re located in. In this instance, it’s the Philippines. Check to see if the information on your URL corresponds to the exact location you’re currently in and you’ll receive the correct result.

If you’re already on a support site in your area, click on the Support tab and then click/tap on the [Service Center» tab under”Convenient ServicesChoose [Service Center[Service Center].

Select Locate a service center and enter the city you’d like to search into the locator to lookup. Be aware that not all cities are equipped with an OPPO Service Center, so you might find that your city does not have one. It is always possible to opt for selecting the closest city in your region that has an OPPO Service Center.

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