5 Healthy Android Apps for Kids


There you are sitting on the plane, bus, train, or camel. The kids are crying, biting you and each other what to do? Well since people will report you

if you tie them up and gag them, here is an alternative. Yes, you guessed it Apps apps and more apps in the fabulous Marketplace there are apps to keep their little ones from driving you crazy. All these apps were tested by a 16-month-old girl on a Motorola droid so your mileage may vary but she loved them all her favorite was toddler lock.

Screenshot Image

Abduction! for Android This game has a bouncing cow what else could you ask for. It also has many different levels from super easy to super insane your little ones will love the bouncing cow check it out. Free in the marketplace also has a paid version

Toddler Lock for Android This is a drawing app and it makes noises what could be better also can be used in airplane mode. It is free and it has a donate version

Kids Connect the Dots for Android Connect the dots and it makes shapes man the kids will go crazy. Free and a paid plus version.

Kids Piano for Android A piano on a duck what will they think of next. It has a play mode so the kids can bang out the notes and it has a song mode which tries to have the child play the song and it says try again if they hit the wrong key.

Zebra Paint for Android Finger painting on your Android device without getting real paint on it is good for older kids who like to color. Out of these super apps only toddler lock locks the phone so the kids cant make calls on accident or exit the app you can also put the phone into airplane mode from the toddler lock app.

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