15 smartphone problems that are common and solutions


This guide will help you troubleshoot some of the most frequent and irritating error messages that you will see on the screen of your Android device.

We all know that our phones don’t work perfectly. If they’re not running out of juice, they’re slow, can’t be powered on, or have issues getting connected to the Internet.

Here are a few quick solutions to the most frequently encountered issues Android owners encounter.

Drain of batteries smartphone problems

Numerous users have reported issues in the lifespan of batteries on their phones. One of the most effective methods to extend the life of your phone’s battery life is to switch your locations and the brightness settings.

Go to the Settings menu. then click on Location, then select the battery-saving mode. In terms of brightness, do not use auto-brightness, and instead, lower your screen’s brightness less than halfway or to an amount that is suitable to your eye.

Certain phones, such as those with the Galaxy S5 and above, also come with extra modes to save battery. For more information, here are five ways to improve the battery life of your Android right now.

User interface slow and frozen

The speed of phones typically slows down when their internal storage is stuffed to capacity. You can try deleting any unneeded apps or photographs and shifting their files to cloud storage or microSD card. Additionally, you must close any open applications you no longer use or delete caches of apps, and restrict the usage in live wallpapers.

The cached data of an app can be cleared by visiting the Settings and then Apps choosing a specific application, and then selecting the clear cache option. Software like the App Cache Cleaner as well as Clean Master and Clean Master, both of which are free to download from Google Play. Google Play store can also be utilized for automatizing the clearing process.

For more information, read this article to speed on the performance of your Android phone.

Connectivity problems

If you are experiencing difficulties connecting to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or the mobile network you can enable the Airplane setting for 30 secs, then turn off the mode, then try reconnecting with the same network. Sometimes, just switching the specific connection could fix the issue.

Still, experiencing issues? Try fixing or installing the Bluetooth devices or wi-fi network.

Google Now problems

Google Now is quite tricky. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be specific in your instructions. It is easy to get confused if you aren’t. Are you in need of a little assistance? These are 20 ways to get the most value from Google Now.

Text messages with a lot of text

Verify that you’re online via Wi-Fi or cellular. select the message that was not sent then select Resend. If the problem persists then consider restarting your phone, or installing a third-party messaging application.


Certain Androids such as the Droid Turbo can get very hot. Make sure to not make use of your phone when you’re charging it. Also, don’t use applications that drain your CPU, such as Pokemon Go or Facebook, for prolonged durations of time. If your phone starts to get hot, allow your phone to cool off.

If you don’t take the time to do these things and your phone is still warm to touch it’s possible to have it checked by a specialist. Experts I spoke with suggested it could be an indication of a manufacturing defect.

Syncing error

There are many options to fix issues in the synchronization process. The first step is to ensure that you’re connected to the internet and the service you’re trying to connect with like Google or Dropbox isn’t offline. Make sure the password you use is valid, then try again syncing.

Are you still having issues? Uninstall the account from your device and then connect it back.

App crashes

Apps can crash due to various reasons. Are there any updates available for the application or your phone? If yes, then install it. If not, force shut the application by moving it off in Multitask Menu (pictured in the above image) and then open it again.

Screen unresponsive

It’s possible to throw your phone on the ground if it starts to malfunction, however there’s no need to panic. The majority of problems can be resolved by a simple restart. However, if you’ve accidentally damaged your phone, or dropped it into the water, you could have larger issues on your hands.

Hit the power button, and allow the phone to turn off, then wait for a few minutes before turning it on again.

Are you using the old Android phone? We have nine cool things you can accomplish with it.

Google Play Store keeps crashing

The issue could be caused by the result of a corrupted cache. All you have to do is clean it. Go to Settings > Applications > All Apps > Google Play Store> Storage and choose clear cache. Restart your phone and the issue will be solved.

Apps will not download

There could be two reasons that your apps aren’t downloading. The first is to go back to the page that was on this list and try to clear the Google Play store’s cache. If this doesn’t work Try wiping Google Play’s history. It’s likely to be an infected cache, and all you have to do is clean it. Go to Google Play Store. Open the Google Play store and tap on the three lines on the upper left corner of the screen to access the menu of the app. Select Options and then tap Clean local search history.

Bad autocorrect suggestions

If you are using the default keyboard you will be able to rid yourself of autocorrected words that you would never speak or misspelled words the keyboard can learn. All you have to do is press long-press on the suggestion, then drag the word in the bin. Here’s how.

Your children make purchases

If your children love to play with their phones and you end up purchasing games or apps it’s easy to fix the problem. Visit Google Play, go to the Google Play store, click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This will open the menu, and then tap Settings. Select the checkbox to enable fingerprint authentication. Finally, select all purchases made through Google Play on the device. By enabling this the fingerprint of your user will be required to purchase any items using Google Play.

Home screen clutter

Each time you download an app that is now it’s a new icon that’s added to your home screen. This can cause a delay in access to your most-loved programs that the home screen is supposed to provide. Rick Broida found a fix to this issue: Launch Google Play, then open the Google Play app, then click Settings > Menu and uncheck the box in the section the Add icon to the Home screen. Rick has some additional suggestions for optimizing your smartphone as well.

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